3 Key Benefits of a Tweet Scheduler


If you’re looking for one simple thing you can do to completely transform your Twitter presence, look no further… 

Using a Twitter scheduler allows you to give followers a consistent stream of content; this is key to maintaining and building an engaged audience.

While current research shows that only 1-2 tweets per day is optimal output, this is still a lot of pressure for anyone who isn’t a Social Media Manager.


And the benefits of a tweet scheduler go even further than allowing you to relax and save time... 


Read on to find out more. 


1. Target Different Audiences

One of the great benefits of Twitter is that it brings together global audiences over shared interests and topics. However, without considering the optimal times to post, you miss huge sections of a potential audience. Scheduling your tweets allows you to split up your content based on research about the right times to post for different audience segments. When you post at the right time, your post is more likely to show up in the feed. Since the average tweet lifetime is 24 minutes, this ensures that you get maximum engagement from each tweet. 

2. Make Better Use Of Your Creativity 

We all know the feeling of sitting in front of a blank screen and struggling to type. Trying to send out your tweets on the spot can often cause this to happen. Using a tweet scheduler, on the other hand, means being able to capture moments of creativity and use sessions of audience research to fuel your content. Once you have a base of content, it’s much easier to respond to real-time events rather than worrying about filling a quota. Social Opinion also supports image upload which is key as tweets with images get 34% more retweets than those without.  

3. Drive Traffic To Your Site

On Twitter, just as on many other social media platforms, reusing content is key. No one expects you to come up with hundreds of totally original ideas. Instead, when scheduling tweets, you can create different variations of the same tweet and work out how to distribute them across a number of weeks or months. If turned on, our autoretweet function will then retweet them after a certain period of time. This is particularly useful with tweets that push traffic to your site. Your audience will need a few reminders before they take action!


How To Use The Social Opinion Tweet Scheduler

Our tweet scheduler allows you to batch create content and then simply add posting times and queue it. We also have a number of other features that take scheduling to the next level.