4 Reasons To Retweet Your Own Content


When it comes to the question “should you retweet your own content?” we have some pretty strong opinions!

Retweeting your own tweets offers a number of distinct benefits and we’re going to use this article to explore them.

Read on to find out more and to learn how our auto-retweet function could accelerate your Twitter results.

  1. Ensure Maximum Value From Your Content

Most of us know the feeling of crafting a great tweet and not getting the engagement we hoped for… 

Retweeting your own tweets allows you to hit as much of your audience as possible and get as much engagement as possible. 

In one case study from Buffer, retweeting their own content generated 122 more impressions and 87% more engagement. They also achieved 90% more link clicks.

The average Tweet lifespan is only 18 minutes, but through retweeting you can hit a larger audience- particularly those in different time zones.

This also signals to Twitter that your content is of value; the platform will then push it out more.  

  1. Get Important Messages To Your Audience

Retweeting is particularly important when you have an important message to deliver to your audience. Twitter is a crowded platform with over 186 million users; tweets get lost easily. 

Whether it’s a question for your followers you want to raise or part of an advertising campaign you want to emphasise, retweeting your own content is key to standing out among the noise.

  1. You Don’t Have To Think Of New Content

On Twitter, consistent output is key to building an audience. By retweeting your own tweets, you can ensure that your profile/brand stays front of mind without having to constantly think of new content. 

Many accounts will post the same tweet reworded several times. This requires a lot of effort and is simply not necessary. Most of your audience won’t remember seeing a particular Tweet before. 

  1. Boost Engagement Without Spending Extra Time

If you use an auto retweet tool like that within Social Opinion, you can get all the benefits of retweeting your own tweets without spending any extra time on content output.

Our auto retweet tool allows you to schedule your content to be retweeted after a certain number of days.

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