A Guide To My Analytics In Social Opinion


The My Analytics dashboard is the hub of a lot of activity in Social Opinion. If you’re looking to improve and accelerate your Twitter presence you’ll need to get well equipped with how it works.

In this article, we’re going to run through all the insights you can get from My Analytics and show how to navigate the dashboard.

Audit Overview

On the overview page, you’ll see many of the features you’ll be familiar with from Twitter itself. Review your total replies, likes, quotes, profile clicks, impressions and retweet numbers over time. You’ll see the average number of quotes, profile clicks, replies, likes, impressions and retweets you receive daily. This is also shown on a graph compared to your historical data so that you can track progress. 

Understanding these data points allows you to optimise your Twitter presence. If you lower your activity one day and notice a dip in engagement, for example, this is a reminder to keep posting. If you notice more engagement when you post about a certain topic, you can increase this. If you see a lot of profile clicks one week, you know there is interest in your site or your content. 

In this section, you’ll also see your current follower count and how many followers you’ve gained, the person who has replied the most to your tweets and your overall engagement rate from the last reporting period. Engagement rate indicates the percentage of people who saw your tweet compared to how many clicked on, retweeted or liked it. 

Follower Audit

Under this tab, you’ll be able to track your follower growth with an easy graph that displays your progress over time.   

You’ll also see your top ten repliers within the reporting period. These are the people who keep your engagement growing, therefore boosting your profile to more people and likely resulting in a boosted follower count.

Tweet Audit

Tweet audit illustrates your top 10 tweets across the reporting period. This gives you quick access, allowing you to understand which of your content tends to perform well. From here, you can adjust your strategy to post similar content or you can queue retweets of the same content to get even greater results.

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