A Guide To Social Listening On Twitter


Social listening is the process of understanding your audience or consumer base’s online conversations. It has a number of uses-from allowing you to connect with them in new ways to facilitating the tracking of brand perception. 

You might still be wondering though, exactly how social listening works on Twitter.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to use our easy Twitter social listening tool to gain invaluable insights to accelerate your business or online presence. 

What is social listening on Twitter?

Social listening, put simply, is listening to your Twitter audience. There are six main ways in which you can use social listening on Twitter with Social Opinion.

These are: 

  • Attracting leads by understanding the conversations they are having

  • Capturing feedback on your products/services

  • Identifying business opportunities, brand advocates or influencers

  • Discovering new content

  • Managing and improving your reputation 

  • Assessing your competitors

Social Opinion’s Social Listening Tool: 

When you create a campaign within Social Opinion, you can search for particular words or hashtags. From here, you’ll find which users are talking about them, what they’re saying and learn the volume of tweets on a certain topic. 

You can easily see the most discussed place, person, organisation, hashtag, URL, username and product. This is crucial in competitor research and attracting new leads. 

The processed tweets dashboard tells you what is forming public conversation in terms of content while the audience intelligence tab explores who. This allows you to keep track of content ideas and potential brand advocates.


Within the main dashboard you’ll also be able to ascertain the tweets with most likes, comments and retweets received. This will allow you to understand overall audience feeling/ sentiment which is another key part of managing your reputation. 

More widely, you can learn the number of hashtags, URLS, domains, entities, annotations people, places, organisations, products and services that are being discussed. This gives you a great opportunity to discover new content and even identify new business opportunities.

Under the “My Followers- Intelligence” tab, you’ll find a range of dashboards that show what your followers are talking about and when. You’ll also see the number of tweets processed in order to give you this information. 

Underneath this top section, you’ll be able to view a list of the users that follow you that have the most followers of their own. This is a good insight into influencers or connections you could leverage.

You’ll also see the times that your users are most active which, as discussed in our guide to Twitter use, allows you to optimise your output.

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