Streamlining Your Twitter Strategy With Heatmaps

What are Twitter Heatmaps?


Whether you know it or not, you already have an existing Twitter strategy. You tweet things that you think your audience will want to see. You engage with people who are likely to boost your engagement. You might even find yourself posting at certain times because it gets you better results.

Streamlining this strategy doesn’t have to be complicated; tools like Social Opinion make it easy for you to accurately engage with your audience and start to build your following or Twitter presence.

What are Twitter heatmaps? 

Twitter heatmaps allow you to learn exactly when your audience is active by segmenting the number of users online at hourly intervals.

Within Social Opinion, you can access the heatmap by heading to the Intelligence tab under My Followers and viewing the graph displayed.  

You can then incorporate these insights into your Twitter strategy and start to target your audience at the most optimal times. For example, if you notice that there are 40 people out of your 100 followers online on a Friday at 2PM, you can capitalise on this. 

When you consider that the average lifespan of a tweet is only 18 minutes, the value of researching the best times to post becomes clear. Most Twitter accounts have a global following and the times that you might imagine would be best to post will not account for time zone variations.

By scheduling your posts within Social Opinion to hit all of the key times learned from the heatmap, you ensure that as many people as possible see your content. With more interaction, Twitter will see it as more valuable and push it out to an even wider audience.

Follower Insights

Social Opinion’s follower insights take this one step further, allowing you to view the top 5 places, people, organisations and products that your followers are discussing.

By utilising this information, not only will you never run out of content ideas, but you’ll be able to see the opportunities for collaboration and innovation in your space. This might be people who could act as influencers for your brand or even new product ideas. 

Combining this with the heatmap gives you a true follower intelligence solution, a precise way to streamline your Twitter strategy.

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