One Simple Strategy To Transform Your Twitter

A Co-Pilot For Your Twitter Account


Are you getting results from Twitter?

Whether posting as an entrepreneur or a business, there is huge potential on the platform. With the ability to push traffic to your site or offers, to build followers, to nurture connections and more, your Twitter strategy is important! 

Twitter has 321 million monthly active viewers, but the average time that each user spends on the platform is only around 9 minutes.

This means that your Twitter marketing needs to be both engaging and well-timed. You need to be putting out enough content that your tweets are still fresh and eye-catching during the brief spells in which your audience is active. 

Sounds difficult, right?

Luckily we have one simple strategy for you. Read on to find out more…

Twitter Strategy 2021: 

  • Research the best times to post

  • Research content ideas to schedule

  • Allow our evergreen tweet feature to fill the gaps.

  1. Research the best times to post

Depending on where your audience is based, you’ll find that there are a few key times of the day to post. Reaching as much of your audience is possible is key to optimising engagement, so you’ll likely want to schedule 3-4 tweets throughout a day. 

While online guides will give you a rough estimate as to the best times to post on Twitter, Social Opinion can analyse your audience to tell you exactly. From your research, choose 3-4 key time slots.

  1. Research content ideas to schedule

If you’re stuck for ideas when scheduling content to fill these time slots, don’t worry. Our social listening function suggests content ideas based on what your existing audience discusses and engages with. Knowing what your audience want to see- and delivering it- is critical in Twitter marketing!

  1. Allow our evergreen tweet feature to fill the gaps

Sometimes, no matter how much content you queue, you’ll find that you forget and miss a slot. This can be really detrimental to your goals; each missed spot is a missed opportunity for engagement.

 Luckily, our evergreen tweet feature creates a fail safe in your Twitter strategy. Simply create a bunch of content when you feel your most creative. These tweets will be used to auto-fill slots where nothing is going out to ensure that your audience gets a steady stream of content.

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